Business Credit Builder

This service assists clients starting a small business with the information to build strong business credit scores, and establish credit lines for businesses.

Kick Your Business Out Of Your Basement By Establishing Corporate Credit

Starting a business is a little bit like getting your child financially independent. At the beginning you create a separate savings and checking account for them, and co-sign their loans and credit cards, but the ultimate goals is getting them financially stable and out of your basement.

Our corporate credit consulting will help your business build strong corporate credit scores and establish credit lines that aren’t personally tied to you or your family. That way, if anything happens to your business you and your family are financially secure. Our highly customized training gives business owners:

  • One-on-one help from our team of CPA’s, attorneys, and business experts.
  • Personalized expert advice based on your unique situation and business needs.
  • Training in key financial concepts, applied to your specific business.
  • A detailed plan that eliminates all the guesswork.
  • Clear goals, specific deadlines, and personal contacts that will help streamline the whole process.

When it comes to building your corporate credit, Momentum simplifies the process and cuts through the red tape.

What is Corporate Credit?

Corporate credit is very similar to personal credit, except it’s tied to a business instead of an individual. Once corporate credit is established, your business has its own credit score that doesn’t depend on or affect your personal credit score. Your corporate credit score gives banks, partners, and clients a way to measure how reliable your company is with its debts, whether it’s a good investment, and if they should lend you money.

The Effects of Good Credit

Good corporate credit can bring your business a whole host of benefits and financial opportunities.

  • Lower interest rates
  • Better loan terms
  • Higher credit limits
  • A better reputation
  • Better relationships with banks, vendors, and clients
  • More financial security

The list goes on and on. For many businesses a good corporate credit score is the key to their long term growth.

Why Corporate Credit Building?

Trying to build corporate credit on your own can be confusing. Momentum Business Solutions offers services to help:

  • One-on-one coaching sessions
  • Creation of D&B and Paxdex Scores to establish your corporate credit
  • A full 12 months of training, support, and guidance on how to groom your business credit to be “Bankable”
  • Assistance in identifying corporate credit sources that might fit your business best at various stages
  • Techniques for jump starting your corporate credit
  • How to apply for various types of corporate credit
  • Information on common mistakes that can damage your ability to obtain corporate credit
  • Additional online educational resources
  • Education on ways to improve your personal credit score and maintain good credit
  • Other funding options for your business

Pricing: Corporate Credit Pricing ($495)