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Here's why partnering with Torro® for small business loans is a smart choice for your business.

  • Get funding up to 750k and See Your Vision Become Reality
  • Dedicated Support Staff Ensure Your Total Satisfaction
  • Highest Data Encryption Help You Feel Safe and Secure
  • Solutions Not Offered Anywhere Else Allow You to Walk Away Confident You've Come To The right place.
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Funded by Torro
Bushwacker Beverage Co.

Bushwacker Beverage Co. needed funding to purchase equipment for a major contract, they chose Torro.

Funded By Torro
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When you work with Torro, you will find the expert knowledgable team at Torro are there for you every step of the way. Guaranteed! Get started now ».

Existing Businesses
Established Businesses

Business's established for 6months or more with verifiable income qualify for several of our exceptional small business loan products.

Working Capital
Working Capital

Get relief from business pressures, production commitments or capital you need to maintain operations.

Equipment Loans
Equipment Purchases

Enjoy the freedom that comes from extra revenue or time saved with new equipment, tools or resources to increase your bottom line.

Low Rate Loans
Competitive Pricing & Terms
for Well Qualified Business Owners

Rest assured you are getting the best solution and competitive pricing and terms on all Torro small business loans.

Knowledgeable Support
Knowledgeable Support

Based in the USA. You'll appreciate the clear answers, availability and reliability of our support staff committed to your business.

New Businesses
New Businesses

We are one of the only lenders providing funding solutions to qualified individuals to start or purchase a new business.

Expansion Capital
Expansion Capital

Feel confident you can fulfill a profitable contract or acquire new space you need to keep up with demand and business goals.

Contract Fulfillment
Contract Fulfillment

Improve your lifestyle, take your business to the next level with a new contract or fulfilling an existing arrangement.

Credit Problems
Credit Problems Qualify
for maximum funding

Don't let credit stand in your way. A short term solutions from Torro may be exactly what you need to get back on track.

Next Day Funding
Next Day Funding

Today's business moves at the speed of light. You want it straight. Need it now. We agree. Get funded within 24 - 48 hours of approval.

We Provide You With Exclusive Programs Which Means You Can Rely On Torro To Deliver Results

Regardless if you've been in business for years or you're just starting out, when other lenders say no or don't provide what you deserve, we have a solution you can trust.

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Streamlined Process Saves Time And Keeps You In Control Every Step of The Way

You're business can't afford to waste time or money. Rest easy because you can count on Torro to make the process convenient, fast and transparent.


Create an account on Torro

Step 1

Choose a username and create a password then login.


Explain your goals

Step 2

Explain the objective of the funds your business receives.


Tell us about your business

Step 3

List your income, expenses, number of employees, owners and current business status.


Receive a pre-qualification

Step 4

Receive an instant funding amount your business qualifies.


Lock in your approval

Step 5

If required upload supporting details and get a written funding guarantee.


Draw your funds

Step 6

Approve the request and Torro will initiate funding and transfer to your bank account.

Here's What You Need To Qualify For Torro Funding

BVR program

Minimum Requirements
  • 6 months or more in business
  • Gross income above $10,000 per month
  • Proof of business identity
  • $2 million maximum funding

SLOC program

Minimum Requirements
  • Credit score above 600
  • Less than 5 credit inquiries in past 90 days
  • New or existing business allowed
  • $150,000 maximum funding
Torro Guarantee

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*Not all programs require credit verification. If required, Torro uses an industry standard report obtained from trusted 3rd party source. Torro may base decision from report you have previously obtained from another lender. Report is your property and may be transfered to an alternative business lender at your discretion.

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Answers To Important Questions To Help You and Your Business Stay Worry Free

Before you continue we understand you may have questions. Here are answers to some of the most important questions we are often asked.

Not all programs require credit verification. Additionally, during the pre-qualification period, we will base our written offer from the information you provide.

Once you approve the qualified amount and if required, Torro uses an industry standard report obtained from a trusted 3rd party source. Torro may base decision from report you have previously obtained from another lender. The report is your property and may be transferred to and alternative business lender at your discretion.

Torro is very competitive in the market. Programs offered by Torro are not available anywhere else. Each transaction is different and possesses a unique set of circumstances. Get started now to see how we stack up.

The number one reason good people get denied is from an improperly completed application. This is one of the reasons Torro specialists manually review each application for thoroughness and completeness.

Many factors can affect an approval or denial. Our specialists are trained in obtaining specific information prior to actual submission. This helps speed the process, increases approval success and helps save you time and hassle.

In a sea of companies, Torro's experience, reputation in this industry and our dedicated team of professionals; combined with unique funding products not available anywhere else, all work together to help Torro stand apart from other lenders.

In many cases, if you provide all necessary information and there are no business situations which would prevent rapid closing and funding of your transaction. It is possible to complete your transaction same day.

Each funding program we offer requires specific documentation. Any unique business situations my require additional information. Torro's guidelines require minimal amount of paperwork. Any required, may be securely uploaded to help save you time.

If credit is required, credit score will play a factor in the overall terms. Credit score and previous payment history, current loan balances will also be a key role in the speed of closing your transaction.

Contact A Torro Specialist Now If Your Question Is Still Unanswered.

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Your Reputation is Everything. Discover What Many Other Business Owners Just Like You Have Already Found

Under promising and over delivering is just one of the reasons you can trust Torro to help your get business where you want to go. See for yourself.

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